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Ultra High throughput Constellations


Ultra High throughput Constellations

What is SpaceNet

SpaceNet is a fully software-defined payload technology in V/W-band for satellite constellations. The payload technology can deliver 180+ Gbps capacity per satellite. Astrome offers this innovative payload technology to satellite operators who want to deploy the next generation of satellite networks. The infrastructure cost per Gbps of SpaceNet-technology-based constellations is expected to be 10X lower than current and upcoming LEO/MEO constellations. We also offer inter-satellite communication links in V-band.

Lightning Speed Internet

Can impact billions of lives with high-speed & reliable internet
Higher Capacity Satellite
Gbps Uplink / Downlink Capacity per Satellite
Mbps Internet Speed even in remote areas
Cheaper than other Terrestrial Networks

Astrome Provides Bespoke
Solutions For

ITU Filing support for obtaining Orbital Slots

Very High Throughput Satellite Payloads

High-Bandwidth User Terminal

Satellite bus design with an established supply chain

Network Design for maximizing usable capacity and revenue

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