Market Verticals

Wireless-Fiber products for Accelerating 5G and Rural Broadband

Verticals Introduction

Astrome offers a diverse range of products and professional services for the communication needs of defense, telecom, satcom, and government customers. Astrome is one of the pioneers of next generation communication technology developing innovative solutions for secure, high bandwidth communication. We also have deep expertise in digital signal processing, millimeter wave RF, phased array, digital beamforming and beam-steering technologies.


Our product GigaMesh is an ideal solution for Defence forces to connect remote sites in difficult terrains with Gigabit speeds. The signal transmission is extremely secure with little or no leakage signal outside the line-of-sight providing an extra layer of physical security


Rural regions have numerous challenges in terms of internet connection. It becomes expensive to draw fibers to connect the villages and rough terrains. Astrome develops innovative products that can help extend the range of existing fiber to deliver fiber-like bandwidth to rural areas.

Telecom Networks

The 4G and 5G networks require Gigabit speed backhaul capacity at each cell site. GigaMesh has the unique advantage of being able to form multiple Gigabit speed links simultaneously from a single radio to connect one fiber-connected tower to surrounding towers. This unique feature enables service providers to reduce CapEx cost significantly.

Enterprise Networks

Private networks are the way to go for enterprises incorporating new digital technologies in their workflow. GigaMesh can be deployed in a campus or across campuses to provide the backbone of an enterprise network.
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