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Groundbreaking wireless fiber solution for 5G and Rural Broadband


Wireless Fiber for 4G/5G Networks

World’s First Multi-Beam
Radio in E-Band

GigaMesh is World’s first Multi-beam E-band Radio that is able to communicate from one tower to multiple towers simultaneously while delivering multi GBPS throughput to each of these towers. Our product has the power of software over hardware. The developed proprietary algorithms enable Automatic link alignment and dynamic power alignment.

Millimetre-Wave Wireless Technology

The reasons behind the success of GigaMesh

Main Benefits

Lowest OpEx Cost

Electronic Beam Steering

No Truck Roll-outs

Hassle-Free Deployment

Truck roll-outs are reduced drastically by handling link misalignments and new link formation completely through Software. The smart algorithms significantly reduce the deployment time and effort by electronically aligning the radios with minimal human intervention.
Intelligent Link Management

Software Controlled Links

Adaptive Coding and Modulation

Dynamic Multi-Beam Management

GigaMesh is powered by an intelligent software engine that monitors the link and takes action automatically to maintain good performance in the changing environment. Beams are configured dynamically to deliver optimum performance across multiple links.
Gigabit Speeds on Multiple Links

Single Box Solution

Digital Beamforming

Narrow Beam Compliance

GigaMesh is a one box compact solution with integrated antenna. It uses advanced digital beamforming technology to form multiple links with one radio. Each link conforms with the narrow beam regulations and delivers Gigabit throughput.

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